«There is still one of which you never speak.» Marco Polo bowed his head. «Venice» the Khan said. Marco smiled. «What else do you think I have been talking to?» The emperor did not turn a hair. «And yet I have never heard you mention its name»

And Polo said: «Every time I describe a city I say something about Venice»

― Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities

Founded in the 5th Century AD, Venice has been a major maritime power, with a strategic position at the heart of the Mediterranean trading scene. The length of its shores was extended around the eastern Mediterranean, to the islands of the Ionian Sea and to Crete. Thanks to the Mediterranean sea, vital in its this development, Venice became one of the most prosperous cities in Europe.

Nowadays, walking through the fish market in Rialto, sailing on a gondola or sunbathing in Lido beaches, the presence of the Mediterranean identity in the city is undeniable: we are just waiting for you in Venice, to fill it up with even more Mediterraneans!


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